BBC ‘How Debt Kills’

June 14, 2018 10:00 am Published by Debt Free Life

The BBC recently covered the heart-breaking story of a young man who took his own life because he could no longer face the debt he was being forced to deal with. We deal with hundreds of struggling people every single week, but this story stands out amongst the rest as being particularly tragic. Furthermore, it highlighted the problems that modern workers, especially the young, have to face when it comes to finding work.

The BBC retold the tragic story of Jerome Rogers, a young man from South London who was forced to take an incredibly low paid and legally unsound delivery job with CitySprint, a company who hire personnel to undertake individual deliveries. Not only is this job demanding, but it is incredibly low-paid.

BBC 'How Debt Kills'

A series of unfortunate events led him to be indebted to the council while having to pay off a bike that he required for work after his own bike entered a state of disrepair. Despite financial support from his brother, his low net wage after expenses left him in a situation where he could not keep up with the debts which spiralled out of control.

Tragically, Jerome’s problems continued until he decided to take his own life. We would encourage everyone to read his story, although you should be well aware that it is a heart-breaking read.

Debt and Mental Health

We fully appreciate the link between problem debt and compromised mental health. Many of the hundreds of people who approach us every week for help are either suffering severely from anxiety and depression related to their financial situation or are seriously at risk. It is important to remember that while taking action is not easy, you have to make a change if you expect things to get better.

We are not suggesting for a moment that Jerome could have turned his situation around after the cycle started; we do not know nearly enough about his circumstances to hazard a guess about how he could have handled his debts. However, we do know that there are thousands of people within the UK who are perfectly eligible for help yet will not reach out to us.

This is understandable, opening up about debt is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Especially because having creditors after you can make you feel isolated and alone. Trust us; this is not the case. There are countless organisations and pieces of legislation in place to help you negotiate through difficult financial times.

None of our staff will judge you, and your information will go nowhere. Our advice is also entirely free of charge, and zero-obligation. Once you have had a chat with us, it is completely your decision.

We listen. We advise. You decide.

Find Support

In order to better serve the people who approach us for help, we have built an ongoing relationship with SAMH, Scotland’s leading mental health charity. We have advisers available in their office every week, and we would encourage anyone facing troubles to take advantage of this service and get help.

We would also remind you that debt does not get better on its own. As tough as it may be, you have to take active steps in order to get on top of it. We are committed to offering help and advice to everyone who finds it in themselves to reach out for help, and our advisers are always on-hand to offer any support we can at 0800 808 5124.

If debt is causing you unmanageable stress and mental strain, consider reaching out to a charity for support. What follows are a list of phone numbers with fantastic supporting volunteers ready to discuss anything you need:

SAMH: 0141 530 1028

The Samaritans: 116 123

Breathing Space (Scotland): 0800 83 85 87

Get Help With Your Debt

Again, we understand how difficult it is to open up about debt, but the only way it will get better is if you take action. Don’t let creditors take control of your life; apply for a debt solution and return things to normality.

To speak to one of our friendly and non-judgemental advisers, give us a call now on 0800 808 5124.

If you would rather we got in touch with you, take a second to complete our debt calculator, and one of our personnel will get in contact as soon as they can.


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