Debt Advice Aberdeen

Debt Free Life is a family-run debt management company based in Aberdeen which helps over 6000 people around the United Kingdom every year to take back control of their finances.

Our company is dedicated to changing the traditional profit-driven and unsympathetic way in which insolvency practitioners tend to operate. We want to make sure that we consistently treat people who reach out to us for help in a friendly and understanding way, and we hire all of our staff with this philosophy as a priority.

We are well aware of the stress that struggling against financial trouble can cause and have crafted a service which will make your debt solution as quick and easy as possible. We have around 25 debt specialists who will be with you every step of the way and will make sure that you have all of the support you require throughout your time with us.

Debt Free Life Aberdeen – What We Do

Through the use of various government-legislated debt management processes, we can revolutionise the way in which you are dealing with your debt by making repayments simpler and cheaper while putting a firm stop to creditor harassment and even allowing you to say goodbye to as much as 80% of unsecured debt.

Through processes like Trust Deeds and Sequestration in Scotland, or IVAs and bankruptcy elsewhere, we help people all across Aberdeen year after year to get rid of their debt for good. With over 25 debt specialists in our office, we are committed to coming up with an entirely bespoke solution for each of our clients. They will also take care of all the boring paperwork which comes along with debt management processes.

The formal processes we have at our disposal allow us to transform multiple commitments to different creditors and lenders into a single, significantly cheaper, regular monthly repayment. We will take this sum and hand it out to each of your creditors so that you no longer have to deal with the pressure of deciding where your money should go.

We will not claim that recovering from debt will be entirely effortless, but we will do everything we can to make sure you have to do as little as possible. Essentially, the only thing you will have to worry about is delivering your monthly installment every month.

When your fixed-term comes to an end, provided you have fulfilled every payment you will be totally free of unsecured debt.

Our Services

Trust Deed Scotland – Over the years we have set up a Protected Trust Deed for thousands of people across Aberdeen and Scotland. Not only can this solution grant you relief from creditor harassment, but it can also mean you pay back as little as 20% of what you actually owe.

If you owe over £5000 of unsecured debt to numerous creditors and live in Scotland, you very likely meet the criteria to qualify. After just a chat with us, and some work from our team after that, we can convert your multiple unmanageable bills into one reduced regular monthly repayment.

Trust Deeds are also a fantastic way of protecting your most vital assets. Continuing to struggle against unmanageable debt could eventually lead to legal action whereby creditors will take you to court in order to reclaim what they are owed. This could either force you out of your home or make

you sell your vehicle. Alternatively, you may be forced into involuntary sequestration which will leave you with zero control over what happens to your assets. A Protected Trust Deed will in most cases give us the control to keep your house and vehicle secure.

We can also determine a realistic monthly repayment plan which prioritises you over your creditors. You will pay significantly less per month and will only make one payment. You will get relief from struggling to distribute your money between numerous different bills.

Additionally, when your repayment arrangement is put in place, your creditors will have to freeze your balance. They are not allowed to add any more interest or other charges so that you will only be paying back what you owe; it will not rise any further.

However, you will actually end up paying back significantly less than what you owe because the procedure is fixed-term. After a set period that usually lasts around 48 months, any remaining debt will be forgiven entirely, and creditors cannot expect to receive any more money. It is illegal for them to attempt to get any more cash from you.

If you meet the criteria, Trust Deeds are always the best option, and they cost nothing to set up. All payments for our services after that will be taken from the balance you owe to creditors, not from you.

If you think you might be eligible, then we recommend you get in touch with us as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the relief that a Protected Trust Deed offers.

Independent Voluntary Agreements – If you have over £10,000 in unsecured debt to various creditors and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, then you may be eligible for an Independent Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Like Trust Deeds, no costs apply when setting up an IVA. However, you will have to provide a monthly repayment which will satisfy your creditors, yet this will be massively reduced compared to what you are currently paying. At the end of the fixed-term of the arrangement, any remaining debt will be wiped out entirely leaving you debt free.

IVAs will also bring a swift stop to creditor harassment. Once everything is set up and those you owe money to have agreed to the deal, they can no longer legally send you any letters or make any phone calls – they must contact us instead. They also lose the option of pursuing any court action against you.

If you think an IVA might be suitable for your situation, or if you are not sure and need some more information, our team are waiting on 0800 808 5142 to answer any questions you might have.

Sequestration and Bankruptcy – These are terms which might seem a lot scarier than they actually are. They can often be massively effective ways of getting back in control of your finances. Whether you need to enter sequestration in Scotland, or declare bankruptcy elsewhere in the UK, our debt management team are ready to help in any way they can and guide you through the complicated processes to the other side.

We find that our clients are sceptical, to begin with, which is completely understandable. However, after they begin to see the unbelievable results that these processes can offer they quickly change their minds. The solutions can put a final stop to endless creditor phone calls and constant letters and, in some cases, can even let you wipe off as much as 100% of your unsecured debt. It is also

worth keeping in mind that declaring bankruptcy voluntarily is much better than being forced into it by unforgiving creditors.

If you need more information on what you can expect from either financial procedure, check the debt solutions section of the debt free life website. You can also just call 0800 808 5124, and our specialists can answer any queries that you might have!

Why Choose Us

We deal with hundreds of people every day who are fighting against unrelenting creditors and understand how difficult it can be. That is why our service is focused on both compassion and efficiency – we want you to be reassured during the setup process, and benefit from the relief a formal process can offer as quickly as possible.

After you have made contact with our brilliant team of advisers (or if they contact you after you have filled in our debt calculator), they will ask you for some basic information about your finances. All of our staff know the true extent of debt and are entirely non-judgemental. In our line of work, we are well aware of the stress that debt causes thousands of people throughout the nation.

Our team will create a plan that is totally personal to you; this is the only way to make sure you get a plan that works. We also guarantee that you will be under no pressure to take things any further if you do not want to after you hear what we have to offer. You are always in charge, as much as we believe in the effectiveness of our solutions, but the final decision is always down to you.

We listen. We advise. You decide.