What to Do When You Owe Money to the Government

Government have many more severe options when it comes to reclaiming money; settling debts to the authorities should always be a priority. Council tax, benefit overpayments, tax debts and child maintenance debts are all owed to the government and as such should be addressed as quickly as possible.

What to do if you owe money to the government.

Owing money to private companies is bad and can have drastic repercussions for you, but the government has many more tools such as sending bailiffs or taking money directly from your income. These methods can be incredibly stressful and can make it difficult to meet your other commitments; in many ways, your money and assets are out of your control.

What follows is advice on dealing with these various types of governmental debt. If you do owe money to the authorities, we highly suggest you get in touch with us now. While they have more options available to them in terms of collecting the money, just like any other creditor, they can be dealt with.