Why Paying Your Utility Bill Is a Priority

Paying your bills for utilities like gas and electricity should always be a priority. If you miss payments, then your energy supplier will just cut off your supply. If you want to keep the lights on and central heating working, make sure your utility bills are a dealt with as a priority.

Why paying your utility bill is a priority

What to Do When You Cannot Afford to Pay Your Utility Bills

If you are struggling to pay your gas and electricity bills (or a water bill outside of Scotland), then it is vital that you get in touch with your supplier as soon as possible. By letting them know your situation, they will be aware that you are conscious of the debt and committed to paying it off, making them less likely to cut you off.

Your supplier may even be very accommodating of your situation and waive fees or come up with some form of payment plan for you. If you ignore the problem, they will think you are similarly ignoring the debt you owe to them and will take the more drastic action such as cutting you off.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your utility bills, then it is time to ask for some help. We have a team of over 25 advisers who deal with these problems every day; it is not unusual, and often is not difficult for us to fix!