March 23, 2018 2:26 pm Published by Debt Free Life

“I approached debt free life because my debt problems were spiralling out of control. I thought I could keep up with all my credit payments, loans, credit cards, overdrafts etc., only to find all the over time I had been doing just wouldn’t cut it. I couldn’t hide the stress from working every weekend any longer and it was starting to affect my young family.

debt free life helped me take on my huge financial burden. I barely had to do anything! There was no paperwork and no long and stressful phone calls. It really was just a quick friendly chat – it couldn’t be more hassle free!

The results for me and my family started to show really quickly. I started to save so much money a month, and my money was actually making an impact on my debts. Words can’t describe the relief I felt when my application got accepted. No more overtime, no more sleepless nights, and no more arguments over money. I can finally spend weekends with my family again and we’re even going to go on holiday during the Summer!

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of debt free life’s service. I hadn’t really talked about my debt problems with anyone because it’s so personal, but they were so friendly and matter of fact that it was actually a relief to finally talk about it with someone! The service was so personal, being able to contact my adviser through WhatsApp at any time of they day was such a nice touch and really made the difference.

The whole experience was quick, helpful, stress-free. It has changed my life.

If you are at breaking point with your finances, then I can’t say enough about debt free life. For me, they were the ideal answer. They went over and above what I anticipated. Even if you just need a bit of help with your finances, just pick up the phone, it’s honestly just a chat!”